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Australia is killing 10,000 camels by shooting


South Australia’s indigenous leaders have decided to shoot around 10000 camels by helicopter. These camels were first brought to Australia from India and Afghanistan in the,  century as livestock. They were used for transportation, construction and other freight work. But in the course of time, these animals became independent of the domestic situation and started living independently. As a result, the number of camels is increasing every year. Local residents are facing various problems due to the camels.

The dry season is now underway in Australia. The drought has only worsened due to the horrific fog of fire over him for months. The camel smells of water from about five kilometers away. In the absence of adequate water, camels are entering the house of people, trying to get water from taps, tanks and even air conditioning. Calling operations have been decided on camels to handle the situation.

Helicopters will begin this calling operation by helicopters from Wednesday, with a full week. If not, the number of camels will double in every eight to ten years. This requires extra pasture that will put extra stress on the land of South Australia. Camels are also worried about the loss of local people, and camels also play a role in increasing greenhouse gas. Each year, the amount of methane gas they inhale is equivalent to about a tonne of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of 4,00,000 extra vehicles.

According to the Water and Environment Department of South Australia, camel herds have gathered together in search of water at this time. Now is the perfect time to run the operation. Otherwise, they often travel in the desert, divided into small groups.

The calling operation has been criticized on social media for controlling the number of local camels. Many animal lovers have questioned the legality of shooting animals. However, the operation away from the locality under the supervision of the Department of Water and Environment is now only a matter of time. After the operation, the bodies of camels will be burned or burned to the ground after they have been dried, authorities said.

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