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Australia Fire 24 Death & 2500 Home Burns


Australia is on the brink of a devastating fire. Authorities have confirmed at least 24 deaths so far in various states including New South Wales. The fire may continue for several more months, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned.

Fire and fire all around. Meanwhile in New South Wales forests, settlements and shops are devastating by the devastating fire. There is a burning waste in the forest.
So far more than 2,000 homes have been burned in the fire. Authorities say the fire is active at more than 150 locations. Half of these are out of control.
Fire crews are working tirelessly day and night to extinguish the fire. However, they are frightened by the horrors of the fire. At the same time, the necessary equipment is scarce.
Fireworks worker Simon May said, “All the firefighters here are tired. In addition to setting the fire, we have to engage in multiple tasks together with other emergency services. ‘
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has faced widespread gunfire across the country for failing to take immediate measures to control the fire. He warned that the fire could be in dire shape even if the weather was favorable on Sunday.
Australia’s remote areas are covered by smoke and ash. The impact of the fires has also affected New Zealand. On Sunday, the skies of Auckland, about 2,000 km away from the fires, turned orange.

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