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Alia Bhatt in the mobile game !


Alia Bhat has been praised as a commercial success in the film, as well as acting in a different genre of Bollywood, like ‘Arya Punjab’ or ‘Highway’. But fans of Aliya will see a new look. Not for any movie. Alia is coming in a mobile game as a digital avatar. India’s Bangalore-based mobile game maker Munfrug Lab has launched a mobile-based mobile game for the first time. The name of the game is “Alia Bhat: Star Life.” News The Economic Times.

Except for Indian market in collaboration with Alia Bhatt, this mobile game is currently available in Google Play and Apple App Store. Players of this game have to go through various stories related to the real life.

“We believe our organization is capable of providing the best quality entertainment for Indians and I am excited about the game to be made with Alia,” said Mark Skagas, manager and board member of the app’s production company Munfrug Lab.

Mark also said, “Alia is a Bollywood actress, as well as inspiration for many young people in India. In the digital version, its guidelines have been given in such a way that its users will think they are in the world of celebrities. I am proud of my team that has really made an interesting game for Bollywood fans through the hard work. ‘

Alia Bhat said, “I will not be able to express this language in the voice of the game, through which my fans will get pleasure from the world of the film. The best thing is that I am also in this game, I will be surrounded by my fans, this is a wonderful experience for me. My first meeting with Munfrug’s team was when I was shooting for the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ in Goa. Then they plan to build a game with me and I am also interested. ”

Alia will be a good friend of the user in the game. Give alia guidelines to users about how to make their position in the film industry. There will be an animated virtual world, there will be a variety of TV shows, advertisements, fashion shows, and interview opportunities. Besides, the game will have to work with tasteful costumes, big film-makers of film industry, directors and costume designers.

Players will have to hire a talented manager in the game. He will teach how to make his body right, how to dance to the dance director, learn how to dance. Besides, a personal assistant should also be kept in the game, which will give you the answers to various rumors caused by the media.

The game was created by a group of Skagas Munfrug Lab who had earlier created novel games such as FarmVille, Empire and Alice, Citywide, The Valley, Treasure Island and Command and Conakur Generals. They have already reached about 365 million users through their games.

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