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A man killed by his daughter Friend but What Happened !!


A young woman was sexually assaulted by her father of the girlfriend. Not once, she has been tortured for four years. In the end, he stopped the marriage of the woman. As a result, the girl chose to kill the father of the girlfriend.

The murder took place at a playground in Washermanpet, Tamil Nadu, India on Monday (December 23).
Police have arrested the girl for the murder. She claimed that after interrogation, she tortured herself, interrupted her marriage and forced to kill.
Police said the murdered man is the father of the girlfriend of the young woman. His name is Amman Sekar. He had sexually abused the young woman for about four and a half years. The young woman recently got married. But Sekar kept interrupting her marriage. As a result, the young woman decided to kill him.
Police said Sak was financially influential. And the young woman’s family is poor. He could not say anything because of the fear of torture.
The girl told police that she had raped her for the first time four and a half years ago while studying in college. Then there was the frequent persecution. Instead, he bought various expensive items.
Recently, marriage is a barrier to marriage. If she does not stop the marriage,He shreatens to spread the image of rape online. The young woman planned to kill Sekar without having to endure the atrocities.

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