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A child walking on a four storied building corner, video viral


A child walks in a very dangerous way through the four-story exterior wall of the multi-storeyed building. There is no one around. No railing. A video was taken of a fork in the camera from a building far away.

The video was posted on a page called ‘I Love Tenerife’ on Facebook. There, a child is seen coming out of a window on the four-storey porch. And the part the child is walking through may be only a few inches wide. No adult man can walk. The baby is walking very fast on it.


Child climbs out of apartment balcony window 4 floors up and runs along dangerous ledge in Tenerife!

OMG! This toddler managed to climb out of this building window whilst the parents were taking a shower.The incident took place on Saturday at a building in Playa Paraiso, Tenerife. The video was taken by the daughter of a tourist staying at an apartment close to this one. His Daughter took the video whilst he was running over to the building to try and do something and notify security He doesnt want any publicity so we won´t share his name. Report and update provided by journalist Pia Guevara Manosalva

Posted by I Love Tenerife on Monday, 6 January 2020

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