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77 killed in Syria army attack


Army rebels driven east-facing areas outside Damascus in the Syrian capital At least 77 people were killed in airstrikes and rocket attacks on Monday. Of these 20 are children.

Syrian human rights watchdog said in a report. The government forces are preparing for ground operations there.

UN officials urged to stop rapid bombing, the situation was going out of control. Four hundred thousand people live in the area. Since 2013, the area occupied by the rebels. Government forces think it is the strongest base of rebels near Damascus.

BBC Online reports that Syrian forces started attacking from the beginning of this month to take control of the area. It has been alleged that hundreds of people were injured. He is being attacked to prevent any food or water from going to the area.

In the area, civilian organizations such as bakery, warehouses or food warehouses are also being attacked. It seems to be another Aleppo that many people think.

It is being said by various aid agencies that the road in the area is being wasted so that rescue work can not be run. Since the clinics are also being attacked, the number of dead people can be increased. Four hospitals were attacked yesterday.

The rebels in the area tried to respond to mortar but the government’s strength was much higher than them.

In March, the Syrian civil war is going to be full seven years. Millions of people died in this. More than 50 million people have been refugees.

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