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7 percent of Apple devices in security risk


Apple has said that the important source code of iOS 9 has been leaked. The operating system is still active on Apple’s 7 percent device.

Technology Media Motherboard said, the important boot-up source code of iOS is leaked online on 8 February. The source code is available in Gitehb. Apple has been asked to remove GitHab codes. Although Apple is not very worried about it.

According to them, 93 percent of Apple devices use iOS 10 or 11. Security of iOS also does not depend on source code. According to University of Surrey Professor Allan Woodward, the source code for any operating system is like crown jewelery.

It has to be kept very safe. He also said there is no problem with the code. So it is free but there is no problem. However, he thinks the code is leaked through the inside. According to, a top ranking official leaked such important codes.

Apple said in its statement that some source code had been leaked three years ago. On which the security of our device does not depend. The hackers will investigate the codes and if there is any error they will try to take advantage of it.

In iOS 9, there are iPhones, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, Three, Four, iPad Mini and iPad Touch Five.

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