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5 Ways To Make Money From Online


1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a simple but powerful concept. It is known as the easiest and the quickest way of earning on the internet.

The basic concept of affiliate marketing is to sell the products of other companies on a commission basis, on the internet. The affiliate marketer receives a sales commission on every sale, from the merchant.

1. First of all you need to search a market which you think is the best to start with. Health, sports, clothing, computers, etc. are examples of some hot market areas for an affiliate marketer.

2. Register with some suitable affiliate program. Choose products to sell. These products are called affiliate products.

3. For every product, you will receive a specific affiliate link. Now you need to promote your affiliate link to get more and more sales. The success of affiliate marketing depends on this step.

4. Finally, after selling the product, you will receive the affiliate commissions from the merchant.


2.  Youtube 

YouTube is a free video sharing website that lets people upload, view, and share videos. Videos can be rated with a like or dislike, most videos can be commented on if logged in to an account, and the number of times a video has been watched is put on the site. Users who have accounts can also subscribe to channels. You can earned from youtube by Creating great content around your niche is a great way to get views. If you want to earn money directly from Youtube, you need to become a partner. Once you’re a partner, you’re able to connect your channel to Google Adsense. You will start to receive payments once your balance hits $100.


3. Surveys

Doing surveys online does require a little extra time but it is a good way to earn passive income. There are some people making a killing off Swag-bucks! There are multiple ways to earn money on the website. You can watch videos, complete offers, play online games and use their own search engine to browse the internet.


4. Fiver

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. You can offer your tasks and services beginning at a cost of $5. Digital Marketing, Graphics & Design, and Music are just a few of the tasks offered by freelancers on Fiver.


5. Shopify  

Shopify is a good example to get your income in the online ecommerce world! It is user friendly and they offer guides on setting up your business. Through drop-shipping with Shopify, it is possible to generate a $500 – $1,000 per month.

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