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4 best innovations in the world


Almost every day some of the world is inventing or inventing. The number of discoveries is increasing as the number of discoveries is increasing. However, no matter how many discoveries have increased, there are some discoveries that will be recognized as the best innovation till the end of the world’s destruction. There are many innovations in this world, through which people have been moving from ancient civilization to modern civilization. In this world thousands of inventions It can not be counted, but so far 4 innovations made by humans are best innovation As is acknowledged. There are four great innovations.

1. Compass
2. The Gunpowder
3. Paper
4. Printing machine

These four great innovations above have not only contributed to the formation of civilization in this universe. The world has been taken from ancient civilization to modern civilization. However, according to some of the best modern intellectuals of the world, these innovations have played a great role in moving towards the more civilization. The civilization contributed more to the change. – Only four great innovations are seen separately to influence the exchange of technology between the East and the West.

1. Compass


The use of a magnetic instrument for “directional” is first found in 1040-1044, which is found in a textbook of the empire. There is a mention of a “south-facing fish” made of iron, which is a bowl floating in water while it is south-facing. The machine is referred to as a means of understanding the “night shelter” path. However, the mention of the first submerged pointy magnum compass is found in a book written by Shane Cuo in 1088.

In the history of different countries of the world, it is found that most of the places in China are submerged copper found in water. According to Nidhem, the empire and later Yuan empire people used dry compass, although they were not widely used in China’s water-like compass.
Dry compasses used in China were usually dry suspension compass. A wood-made frame was cut into a tortoise form by placing the lid on a tail with a plaster, and the device was made by placing the tail in the tail. The index is always fixed on the north side, even though the machine rotates around it.

2.Gun Powder

Gan PowderIn China, the alchemists invented the Gunpowder for their immortality in search of Amrit. Under the rule of the Empire, during the era of Zeng Gangliang and Young Weedi, a book written in 1044 by Ujing Jangaio, nitrate level of gunpowder is said to be 27% to 50%. At the end of the twentieth century, the extent to which the Chinese used nitrate, the Gunpowder Banate could penetrate the metallic container made by its explosion cast iron.

In 1280, the fire of the heavy gunpowder Arsenal of Wei Yang went off. Thereby, there is a huge explosion. About a week after the explosion, the Chinese inspector went to the spot to see that 200 soldiers were killed. They can see that a 10-kilometer (2 miles or -3.2 kilometers) away from a blasting blaze flying over a wooden beam and some pillars Read out

In the fourteenth century, when Zia wrote on the use of GunPowders in the use of Gunpowder, the Chinese completely revised the explosion levels of the Gunpowder, and also fixed the correct dimensions of the Gunpowder nitrate. They outplayed six different formulas. At that time, the Chinese learned to make round shots with nitrate-rich song powder.

4. Creating paper

Creating paper
In the rule of the Bishen Empire (202-BCAD-220) an official associated with the court of empire, whose name – Chan Luon 105 AD, produces paper using muleri and other bust fibers, fishing nets, old shrimp and hamp waste. However, Recently a paper with some text from Gansu is available, which is about 8 years old.
In the second century BC, China used paper in the country for wrapping and empty jayagas, but the use of paper as a medium of writing was spread to the third century. In the middle of the sixth century, China started using paper as a toilet paper. During the Tang Empire (618 to 907), the paper used to sew and fold and used as a bag to preserve the scent of tea. The first edition of the Sone Empire (960-1797) was introduced.

4. Printing machine

Printing machine
Some time before the printing culture of the world, book printing techniques were invented in China with wood pieces. In charge of the Metropolitan Museum of Art “They were Chinese people who actually discovered the means of communication, which was meant to remain ours,” said Hayat Mayor. “[28] The method of printing the book with wooden pieces was more compatible with the Chinese alphabet than the moving print instrument, which China had invented but the first method was kept. Although western printing was introduced in China in the 16th century, it was not popular until the 19th century. China and Korea accepted this device as one of the latest states.

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