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Find out, 24 tips for a happy life


24 tips for a happy life

1. Walk for at least 30 minutes daily.
2. At no place lonely at least 10
Spend a minute and think about yourself.
3. Wake up from nature and clean
Try to stay in the environment. Sarah
Confused about day-to-day tasks
4. Reliable natural ingredients in the house
Eat more than made food
Eat less processed foods.
5. Drink green tea and plenty of water.
6. Smile on at least 3 people every day
Try deleting.
7. Galgupp, memories of the past, odd
Think and value your time
Do not waste energy. Good times
And spend energy.
8. Like morning breakfast, noon
Food and dinner
Eat like a beggar
9. Life is not always the same, but good
Learn to wait for something.
10. To waste time by hating others
Life is too short, forgive everyone
For something.
11. Do not be hard to think about.
Think of all the easy solutions.
12. It is not necessary to win all the sentences, however
Can accept as feedback
You can not accept it again.
13. Think calmly past your past
Please, correct the mistakes. For the past
Do not waste the present.
14. Life in the life of another
Do not compare.
15. Someone is responsible for your happiness
Not sitting Your job is happiness
Will bring
16. Plan every 5 years
And implement it within that time
17. Help the poor Giver,
Not Acceptor
18. What other people think of you
There is no need to worry about it
What do you think about
Evaluate and do the right thing.
19. Do not keep upset Because of the time
The trouble is that all the hardships go away so the pain
Make an open letter about it and
Share with close friends.
20. Remember that the time is as good or as
Bad will change it.
21. If you are sick your business or job
Nobody else will look after Will friend
Or close relatives, with them
Keep relationship.
22. Facebook wasted a lot of time.
There was a lot of time to read the post
Got destroyed. Your time on Facebook
Please specify. How long will it be?
23. Before you sleep every night
Remember the parents for life
Thank you
24 Remember, some mistakes in life
For you’ve got pardoned. Those mistakes
Be careful for him or not.

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