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10 of the most beautiful places in China !


One of the world’s largest and oldest civilizations country is China. 10 of the most beautiful places in China would like to show you the most popular scenic cities with stunning natural scenery. Today we tell you about 10 of the most beautiful places in China. This 10 places is the most beautiful and visited tourist attraction of China.

1.The Great Wall of ChinaThe Great WallGreat Wall of China

The great wall of China is the first tourist attraction in 10 of the most beautiful places in China. Experience this ancient landmark, beyond the realms usually visited by tourists. This unique Great Wall adventure will take you across the woodland and terraced farmland of China’s stunning landscape, following the contours of the mountains in the remote areas north of Beijing. 

2.The Zhangye’s Danxia LandscapeZhangye's Danxia Landscape Zhangye’s Danxia Landscape

Have you seen multi-colored mountains? I know of two: one is in Peru and the other is in China. Zhangye’s Danxia Landscape also called Mother Nature’s palette. It looks like an oil painting when the vast red rock formations are simply set against a pure blue sky. The Danxia Landform provides visitors with colorful mountains that seem unreal. It has a color spectrum that ranges from red to yellow to silver to green. Before you get to set your eyes on this natural wonder, you’ll need to get to Zhangye City, your jump-off point to the Rainbow Mountains.

3. The Yangtze RiverYangtze RiverYangtze River

The Yangtze has been an important transportation route with major cities along its banks for several thousand years.The Chinese Empire first developed along the Yellow River  and shortly thereafter spread both to the lower Yangtze basin around Lake Tai (which until then was home to the Liangzhu Culture) and to the rich agricultural lands of Sichuan a thousand km or more up the river.

4.The Guanyin StatueGuanyin StatueGuanyin Statue

This is the tallest statue of Guanyin at 108 metre high. The statue is located at Hainan near Nanshan Temple in Sanya. The temple’s name originates from a popular Buddhist expression.The official opening of the Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya took place in 2005. The landmark is located close to another prominent religious shrine, Nanshan Temple. The appearance of the statue may seem rather unusual for the people, who are far from intricacies of the Buddhist culture. The fact is that the sculpture of the goddess depicts three persons.

5. The Dongchuan Red LandDongchuan Red LandDongchuan Red Land

Located in Xintian town of Hunan district in China, Dongchuan Red Lane is known for its striking red hued paths. Claimed to contain minerals and oxidized iron, the soil in the area adds a salient characteristic to the land. Colourful blooming flowers throughout the year add to the mesmerizing sight.

6. Yuanyang Rice TerracesYuanyang Rice TerracesYuanyang Rice Terraces

Reflections of the clouds at sunset over the rice terraced mountains of the Hani people in Yuanyang County, Yunnan, China, in wintertime, when the paddies are left filled with water until planting in Spring Lake.

7.Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent LakeEchoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake 

Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake is a famous scenic spot on Silk Road. It is said that the current site where Echoing-Sand Mountain locates was once a fertile oasis in the ancient time. The EchoingSand Mountain, for many Chinese well known as Mingsha Mountain, is celebrated for the sound of the moving sand. In 1994 it was acclaimed as the national key scenic spot.

8. The Leshan Giant BuddhaLeshan Giant BuddhaLeshan Giant Buddha

The three rivers coming together created turbulent water and strong currents, driving many of the local boats to capsize. A monk called Hai Tong started the carving 1,300 years ago to appease the water spirits, protect the waterways and watch over the fishermen. As his followers finished it 90 years later, they found the number of accidents reduced noticably under the watchful eye of Dafo. In an apparently unrelated story, around the same time a huge quantity of excavated stone was discarded into the river and completely changed the shape of the riverbed, calming the raging waters. Leshan is now the tallest Buddha statue in the world. The shoulders span 28m and each eyebrow is 6m long.

9.The Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake

The Qinghai Lake

   Qinghai Lake, in the northeast part of the province, is the largest inland saltwater lake in China. Both the Mongolian name and the Tibetan name mean ‘Blue Lake’. The 0.8 sq-km Bird Island, on the western edge of the lake, is a paradise for more than 100,000 migratory birds, including bar-headed geese, brown-headed gulls, swans, and wild ducks. May through October is the best time for bird-watching.

10.The Bird NestThe Bird Nest

The Bird Nest

The Bird Nest is a remarkable place to visit if you want to remember the incredible events that took place there at the 2008 Olympics, and admire its stunning architecture. Re-live the 2008 Olympics.

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